Al-Iman Library

Recycled Art/Poetry Contest

4th-8th Grade

Prize: “Kids Kindle”

Deadline to enter artwork/poetry: Jan. 3rd

  • Design a 3D art project out of recycled materials
  • The design must be able to stand alone (no posters)
  • The design must be creative/one-of-a-kind and neat
  • The design must have more than 4 recycled items
  • The poem must reflect the design
  • The poem must be at least a page long, typed double-spaced
  • The poem will be checked for any plagiarism
  • You may use any type of poetry
  • Include your name on the back of the poem

Ideas: Community service, character traits, global issues

Types of poems: Limerick, ballad, haiku, sonnet, free verse