Teacher Expectations of each student:

  • Be on time for class.
  • Be prepared for class (pencils/pens, paper, social studies folder, homework etc.)
  • Be respectful to your classmates and teacher at all times.
  • Be in your seat and ready to start class when the bell rings.
  • (Pencils should already be sharpened and notebooks should be taken off of the shelf. You should be working on your bell ringer.)
Students will be evaluated based on homework completion, classwork assignments and test/quiz/project grades.
The Percentage Breakdown:
  • Tests & Projects: 35%              
  • Quizzes: 25%              
  • Classwork: 25%              
  • Homework: 5%               
  • Warm-ups/drills: 10%              
The 10-Point Scale:
  • A: 100-90
  • B: 89-80
  • C: 79-70
  • D: 69-60
  • F: 59-Below

Homework – It is not formally assigned on a nightly basis, except when completing a unfinished classwork, research for a project and/or in preparing for a test or quiz. However, I strongly recommend that students review their class notes and materials in their notebooks on a consistent basis to keep the information fresh and to stay on top of the curriculum.

Make-up work – If a student is absent it is his/her responsibility to check with me for missed notes or handouts and to turn in any work they might have missed in a timely manner. Students are allowed one day for every day they were absent to make-up their work. Any previously given assignments are due on the day the student returns to school unless other arrangements have been made with me. Any missed notes or worksheets will be with for the student to collect when they return.

Late work – Students lose 10 points for every day an assignment is late.

Participation – A students participation is a window into whether or not they are understanding, obtaining and can use the information they are learning in class. Participation in my class is an essential part of a students’ grade.